Monday, April 21, 2008

Really Long Post...

Grammy was here for the weekend. We were all thrilled to have her. Skyler demanded most of her attention and behaved according to whether she was getting it or not.

Friday was a gorgeous day, Grammy took the kids to the beach since they had the day off from school. I guess there were a lot of other kids there because they made new friends and were happy as could be playing in the sand for hours. They even played a bit of tag with the waves. The water was cold, but what do kids care? What's a little hypothermia in exchange for fun? Friday night Grammy got to see Skyler's soccer practice and Coach Matt in action. We had a great time chit-chatting with parents and watching Matt make the kids do goofy things like run backwards. Have you ever watched a group of 4 and 5 year olds run backwards? If not, do it sometime just for fun. Hilarity at its finest. Zack also talked Grammy into letting him open the Birthday presents that she brought. You should have seen his face when he opened Mario Galaxy for Wii. He immediately gave Grammy a big hug and then dragged Matt into the living room and we didn't see them again the rest of the evening.

Saturday was Soccer Soccer Soccer as usual. It was such a beautiful day. We had to grease the kids up with sunblock but somehow forgot ourselves and Mom and I got burned. Amy, Mike & Nate met us at the game. Nate has already decided that he wants to be a soccer player - at least that's what he told me ;-)

One of Matt's students' parents has an Italian Restaurant in the Bronx and she had them send us an enormous amount of fresh pasta. There was ravioli, spinach linguine, and fresh Italian cookies. We made some sauce to simmer throughout the day and then the girls hit the big local Craft Fair. Amy had fun picking out a bunch of adorable things for Nate's room and Skyler enjoyed walking up and down the aisles having people tell her how pretty her dress was. Somehow I didn't manage a picture. We got home and stuffed our faces. We sang Happy Birthday to Zack and had the traditional ice cream cake. Zack didn't want to wait until Monday to open his gifts so we let him have at it. He has enough new video games to keep him busy for quite awhile, in fact we had to FORCE him to go to bed Saturday evening.


SUNDAY was an interesting day - Matt and Zack had the most fun we think. Now, most of you know that Matt is a big guy. Big guys get asked to do a lot of things; move furniture, lift heavy objects, reach objects high on shelves, etc. etc. Friday Matt was met with a new request. Would he be willing to help move some hibernating alligators to their spring location? Not one to say no to an interesting request, he said "sure". He wasn't sure what to expect. How does one prepare to wrastle an alligator? I was a bit upset that I couldn't go. I was a helpful wife and suggested he make sure his Life Insurance policy was updated and that he had his medical insurance card on him. Aren't I nice? Anyway, a friend of a friend is licensed to have an alligator rescue on his property. He takes in alligators that would otherwise be put down. Uh, I'm not entirely sure why that's a problem. They hibernate inside in little alligator swimming pools all winter and then need to be moved to their outside locations in the spring. Sounds fun huh? Here's some video and pictures.




Matt had his friend's daughter take some video with our flip. They're sort of short and sweet but give you an idea of what they were doing.

The guys are huffing and puffing in this little video because she just gave them a hard time, spinning around in that harness.

Matt is in the dark green t-shirt:

This is the mean female. Matt says that as soon as they took the harness of her she whipped around to try to get out.

Check Zack out:

They had a blast. Zack even got to keep 3 alligator teeth. He thought he was "The Shit"

In other Sunday news, Skyler had her modeling workshop where she got to learn to walk the runway for Bridal Shows. She's all over this stuff. She looked so pretty all dolled up and although she was shy at first, her little friend Emma was there so she felt fine after a few minutes.

That's all - soccer and alligator wrastling - we like to keep things quiet on the weekends.


  1. Thanks Amanda! Now Noah is jumping up and down wanting to go see the alligators with Uncle Matt.

  2. Nice Shirt Matt,


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