Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Morning (because it is).

Skyler scared the shit out of me at bedtime last night. I tucked both the kids into their beds and went downstairs to upload some pictures. Zack came down after a little while - he was having trouble sleeping. I finished what I was doing and went back upstairs to tuck him back in. He wanted to snuggle in my bed since Skyler was already asleep. So we get to the top of the stairs and she's clearly not in her bed. I glance in my room and she's not there. I looked in Zack's room, bathrooms, called her name, ran downstairs, called her again and again, checked all rooms, checked garage, ran back upstairs, searched her filthy pit of a room, checked Zack's bunk bed, bathrooms again, and then started pulling covers off of beds. She was in the middle of my bed completely covered, blankets a good foot over her head, sound asleep. She's so skinny, she wasn't even a bump in the comforter. She was stretched out long and barely looked like a wrinkle. She was sound asleep, and wasn't exactly thrilled when I ripped the covers off the bed. PHEW! My rational mind knew she couldn't have gone far, my irrational mind ran through every horror story you hear in the news.

Now that that's out - I can calmly relay the rest of our evening. My cousin Jackie invited us over for dinner since even though we live 10 minutes from each other and our kids are the same age, life is crazy and we hardly ever get to see each other. The kids were THRILLED for some playtime. They raised holy hell on the drums in their playroom! What person in their right mind has drums for their kids? Those suckers were LOUD! Jackie has a lot of patience for that stuff. Me? Not so much!

The boys were silly silly at dinner but it was nice to see them get along.

Usually they're feeling competitive and there's a lot of bickering.

Brooke is getting older and so beautiful and really can't be bothered with the boys' craziness!

Zack's other motive for wanting to see his cousins is their friend Caroline who is Zack's "Girlfriend". They see each other about once every 3 months but they're both smitten.

Zack was really disappointed when it was time to go home, he's begging for a play date without his cousin around. Apparently he sees Parker as competition. I guess it starts early with boys. So funny.

We had a nice dinner and got to catch up. If we ever see the sun again we can visit more outside and at the beach.

Oh check it out, Big Daddy had to go to work in a suit yesterday. Doesn't he look handsome?

He felt like a million bucks and was getting compliments left and right. Anytime you're feeling like shit, show up to work all dolled up. You'll feel better quickly!

That's it for today - three days of soccer begins today! Oh and I get to attend Zack's school's math work shop for parents. This is where they teach us the "new math" so we can actually help our kids with their homework. I hear they add from left to right now and multiply in diagonals or something. I don't understand what was wrong with the old math. I guess I'll find out tonight!

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