Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Therapy Ya'll...

No, not THAT kind of therapy. Stop acting all disappointed, really, I'm completely sane. I started Physical Therapy for my shoulder pain yesterday. The facility was really nice, actually it looked like a really nice private gym. My therapist, Holly, was delightful. She showed me a whole bunch of strengthening exercises to do. We finished with a 5 minute super stretch and 15 minutes of hot/moist therapy with the electrode thingies attached. The funny part was that there were Boston Red Sox signs everywhere. One of the other therapists is from Amesbury MA - one town over. I didn't get to talk to her much but - man there are Massachusetts transplants all over the place. Anyway, everything felt great yesterday, today I'm a bit sore. They warn you that therapy hurts, WAH.

That leads me into my rant. We've been here in "the South" for 4 years. Skyler has been alive for 5 years. She's becoming dangerously susceptible to the drawl and it's driving me BATTY! She's taken to drawing out her words and using "ya'll". I correct her every time but she whines "they say it in schooool". Now I can't expect much because it's preschool but COME ON PEOPLE. I grew up in New England but somehow managed to never pick up the New England accent - (pahk your cah in Havahd yahd), I'm determined that my kids aren't going to sound like southerners. No offense to southerners although it's going to come out that way - but don't you just assume that the person is just slightly less intelligent when they start "ya'lling". My personal favorite that's quite common here is the plural possessive of ya'll, which is "ya'lls's", as in "Can I take ya'lls's order?" I'm not entirely sure of the exact correct spelling of ya'lls's, but that's probably about as good as any. SO - I'm in a battle with her TEACHERS to get her to speak correctly. For some reason Zack doesn't have the same problem. I'm keeping an eye on him though. She'd better start losing that crap once she gets into Kindergarten. If I hear an actual teacher come out with that I'm going to have a fit!

End rant!


  1. Well, guess you must love talking with me then when you come home to visit. LOL When I lived in Texas I was very young and although I didn't concentrate on saying y'all it evolved from being around everyone that did say it. Um, the New England accent that I've managed to pick up is thanks to your Uncle. Again, not something that I wanted to pick up but let me tell ya it's very aggravating when I go down home to Ohio which is pronounced Ohiah where I come from.
    :-) Where I get to listen to all the comments like "you were born in Ohio!" Well, yeah, I was but I've also lived in NH for almost 27 years.

    So, all I can say is good luck with Miss Skyler!

  2. Come on Amanda... get it right. It's y'all, not ya'll. :)

    Although I'm from Oklahoma and I spent about 20 years there, my parents prided themselves on us not picking up an accent/twang. I did however say y'all. I think when you're surrounded by entire state of people saying it, it's not an automatic sign that you're ignorant. There is a whole slew of other indicators of that...
    I think it's cute when Skyler says it. I know, I'M NOT HELPING!

  3. SEE I can't even spell it correctly!

    You know Daina - after you said all that I realized that I've always enjoyed OTHER people's accents until I heard it on my kid.

    Maybe I should just shut up y'all.


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