Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Video Memories...

I was feeling a bit nostalgic for when my kids were funny and sweet and not grumpy and argumentative (I've carefully blocked out the toddler tantrums) and dug up some little videos from 2005. I'm just cracking up at how funny Skyler was when she was two. She's grown so much! I keep telling her to knock it off, but she's bound and determined to get older each year. Zack was born an old grumpy soul.

Knows her shapes:

Sings her ABCs:

There are a couple of more of these videos of Skyler from that same evening. She licks ranch dressing off that same piece of pizza through each of them. I wonder if I noticed that she had ranch dressing and nothing else for dinner that night?

Zack used to do silly things just to make his sister belly laugh. Now he tries to make her cry. Do all siblings go through this?

Ten points to anyone who can identify who Zack is imitating here (Amy and Mike are disqualified as they've seen the act before).

Get out your video cameras and document the most mundane conversations, you'll look back and cherish them in such a short time!


  1. Thanks for posting these! I can't believe they were that small when we first met. They were so little and so fricking cute! Love the somersault! That never gets old!

  2. Ok I have no idea. But Noah is cracking up laughing and Bryce is trying to watch and dance too! Love it


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