Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Virginia Tornadoes, and I don't mean my kids...

Soccer camp was canceled again yesterday because there were tornado warnings and tons of crazy rain and wind. A few towns over a tornado touched down and made a significant amount of damage.
Cnn Article
Reuters article
We even made the news in Australia.

Thankfully we aren't these poor people:

and weren't shopping here yesterday afternoon:

I've been getting calls and emails from friends and family - we're okay. We're far enough away (about 20 miles) from that area that we didn't even see it. Thank you for thinking of us!


  1. You folks sure lead exciting lives down there. I'm glad that your area was not in the Tornado zone. As I'm sure you're learning, with boys.....stitches just seem to come with the territory.

  2. It's funny because I checked your blog for this very information! I knew you'd have something... I love checking in to see what's up in your world. Love the blog. Glad you're not being effected (other than no soccer) by all that weather. Poor Zack and his stitches. Poor mommy and his stitches!


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