Friday, April 25, 2008

Yesterday Amy called to say she would stop by for a quick visit before her dinner plans with a friend. Being the self-less person that I am I volunteered to sacrifice my evening for hers. I offered to take Nate so she could enjoy a meal out without trying to soothe a baby. Hee hee hee – Skyler and I just can’t get enough of the little bugger. She met me at the office and we moved the base of his carseat to my car. Holy Car Seats Batman, have you seen how easy these things are? I thought things were good four years ago when we got Latch, despite how difficult those things were to clip. NOW – the Latch clips are like seatbelt buckles, push a button and there you go. So rather than the 45 minutes of hell there used to be to move a carseat, it now takes about 3. I drove home thinking that Matt could pick up the rest of the kids. He was running late and although he offered to get them when he got in the neighborhood, I thought, "how difficult could it be"? Picking up an infant carseat and going into three different schools (was picking up friend's kid too)? Yeah, despite the crazy urge to put one of those "School Bus" signs on the top of my van, it wasn't TOO bad. Nate was an angel - I'm sure his Mommy is glad since he frequently joins her as Assistant Pet Sitter. ANYWAY, Skyler the Little Mommy, and I got to love all over Nate. Zack informed us that he has "the touch" and Nate got to go to soccer practice. Fun was had by all. Amy met up with us later having had a few hours without her favorite appendage. After she picked him up, Matt and I giggled at what an adorable Mommy she makes. Nate sure is a lucky kid!


  1. Thanks! I appreciate the self-sacrifice on your part. :) Glad he was good for you. What you didn't include in your post was how he had to keep his eyes open at all times because you know you ALWAYS have to keep an eye on those crazy Molnars! haha

  2. I wish I had an Amanda and Skyler nearby! Amy sounds like a lucky gal to have friends like you that are so generous w/ your time.


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