Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Freudian Slip...

So we get a notice in the mail yesterday about our economic stimulus checks. It says how much we got and that it was direct deposited. Matt opened it and says to me "Hey did we get our golf stimulus check yet?" Uh, NO we didn't get our GOLF stimulus check we got our ECONOMIC stimulus check and I chose not to stimulate the economy - I paid bills.


  1. haha thats funny. ours has been pushed back a few more weeks. great should come about the time we leave AZ. but we are only planning stimulating our savings account :)

  2. We got our notice dated 5/12/08 saying we should receive our payment by 5/8/08. Yes, 5/8/08 - 4days BEFORE they sent the notice. But if we don't get it by then, give them 6 weeks and then call. That's our lovely govt at work.


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