Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend (longest post Evah)

Mother's Day weekend was off to a great start on Friday when I discovered that I had extra hours on my time ticket so I had to leave two hours early. I debated between a nap and getting a pedicure and the pedicure won. Matt had plans to meet a friend out for drinks so I had the kids take me on a date to our favorite Greek pizza place. They managed to behave and we had a nice meal. We went home, put on our jammies, and climbed into my bed where we watched Man vs. Wild. I had planned on watching a tivo'd episode of some Alaska special from The Discovery Channel but it mis-recorded or something. Zack loves Man vs. Wild and we had an educational experience out of it. Skyler especially loved when the guy, who Zack tells me is named Bear, was skinny dipping in some leech and piranha infested pool of water. HE didn't think it was infested but the water looked nasty to me. We finished that and drifted off to dreamland.

I got to sleep in Saturday morning and then headed off for a massage courtesy of my three Lovies. It wasn't the best massage I've ever had, but heck, someone was rubbing my back and didn't want sex afterwards, how can you complain? I decided against going home and listening to my rain bored kids whine and complain that they couldn't go outside and went shopping instead. I got Skyler a couple of cute new things including:
Clogs with pink sparkles on them from Gymboree. Because I'm a super bargain shopper I paid $3.49 for them. YES I DID! For $3.49 who DOESN'T need a pair of pink sparkle clogs? Skyler agrees and as you can see she's ROCKIN the CLOGS!

Matt got a babysitter and we went out to a movie and sushi. We went to see Baby Mama. Since we don't go to the movies often/ever, I wanted to see something funny. Tina Fey and Amy Poulher are so hysterical. The movie ties things up a little too neatly at the end but was really funny otherwise. After that excitement we went grocery shopping at Walmart - we get a babysitter and all hell breaks loose. WATCH OUT! Every person in Virginia was at this particular Walmart buying their mother one single rose. Can you plan ahead further than 12 hours? And how about you spring for the whole bouquet? ANYWAY - that was fun.

Sunday morning I got to sleep in again. Skyler had been SO excited all week to sneak awake and make me breakfast. She told me that I was going to wake up and smell bacon and wonder who was cooking breakfast. She must have seen that in a movie somewhere. So Matt and the kids made waffles and bacon and Skyler made me tea. It was a wonderful breakfast. The kids gave me gifts they made in school and made me cry. They're starting to measure their gifts to me on how many tears it creates. Sobbing is REALLY good. We all went to get dressed which is when Skyler and I had a knock down drag out over what she was going to wear. She's 5 and already giving me a headache about her wardrobe. I'm doomed. We worked that out after 45 minutes of fighting during which I learned that 5 year olds do not understand that when their mother says sarcastically "FINE wear THAT on Mother's Day so long as YOU'RE happy on MOTHER'S DAY!" that it does NOT in fact mean that it is fine to wear whatever you damn well please it is rather a guilt tactic used to get you to wear what SHE wants.

We headed to my cousin Jackie's house. Her sister Jill was visiting with her kids. The visit was nice, it's nice to see your family once a month or so. The kids had a great time. The adults were all pretty crabby, myself included. The gray rainy weather was affecting our moods and we were all showing it, except Jackie's husband Patrick who was on cough syrup with codeine. He said he was "Zen".

Just this week Zack learned to ride his bike without training wheels and in true Skyler fashion she joined him. They brought their bikes to Jackie's and the kids raced circles around her cul de sac:

That lasted until Zack took a big wipe out on the wet pavement and was bleeding profusely from the elbow. We got him cleaned up when Jackie decided that jumping in the salt water pool would make him feel better:

It was MAYBE 65 degrees out. Nutty kids.

That was basically the end to the day minus the whining when it was time to go home. I took a nap that resulted in my not being able to sleep last night so I'm crabby and cranky again today. WAH!

How was your Mother's Day?


  1. 65 degrees here and we are at the beach soaking up the rays. my kids would have never left the pool and im sure noah would have had to go with no shirt on due to him being "too sweaty"

    sounds like fun.

  2. Spent the day with my Mom at the Sheep & Wool Festival which for the past 26 years (ever since we moved to NH) has been the one and only thing she's ever wanted to do. My brothers have bailed on me years ago and now (yes, there is a GOD!)...Mom announced yesterday that next year she'd like to do something else. YIPPEE!! WHOO-HOO!!! I'm finally off the hook at age 40 from ever attending another Sheep & Wool Festival. Now that's what I call a great Mother's Day!


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