Friday, May 30, 2008

No Events...

This week has been so completely uneventful that I've got nothing new to tell you! The weather has been fine, the kids have been good. I haven't taken any pictures in the past couple of days. Hmmm. Well I guess I'll ramble on and see where that takes us.

Matt golfed the best he's ever golfed while he was away last week. He was thrilled to have a round where he shot an 80. I'm told that's good ;-)

I'm obsessed with A new love is THIS seller's earrings. They are just SO pretty.

A Skylerism: Skyler and I were sitting on the couch. I was reading my book.
Sky: Mommy why aren't you reading the words?
Me: I'm reading them in my brain.
{pause while Skyler thinks about this}
Sky: Are there little children in your brain?

I've done a bit of digital scrapping lately. I've mostly used old pictures that I'm still obsessed with.




This one is new:

We don't have much planned for this weekend. We've been doing little projects around the house. We've got family visiting in a couple of weeks (Hi Molnars!)

Skyler has her photo shoot on Sunday. We're going to go to the Botanical Gardens. I'm excited about just that part alone!

Have a fantastic weekend! Hopefully I'll have something interesting to talk about on Monday - no promises though, mmkay?

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