Thursday, May 08, 2008

Physical Therapy Musings...

Tomorrow is my last day of physical therapy. Not only is my shoulder feeling much better and my back muscles stronger, but I have really enjoyed going. The facility is fantastic. The two physical therapists are young and fun and joke around with their patients. I'm actually disappointed that I won't be going anymore. If you ever have the opportunity this is the greatest place EVAH for some people watching.

* There's one middle aged lady who comes in and is dressed casually but every time I've seen her she has a different designer purse and sometimes the matching patterned shoes to go with. She has modest wedding rings so I've decided that she's probably a stay at home military wife whose husband was low in ranks when they got married (the tiny diamond) but who is high in rank now. She's put in her dues raising the kids who are all grown and now things are a bit easier on the purse strings SO if she wants a new designer bag for everyday of the week, she feels she's earned it.

* There's the overweight gentleman who is getting his shoulder worked on and spends his whole therapy appointment in gray sweat SHORTS pulled almost up to his chest and nothing else. None of the other shoulder patients (myself included) feel the need to take their shirts off. Heck, I feel bad when I take my shoes off and go barefoot.

* I get so excited when I see this one older woman walk through the door. The therapists tell me she's crazy but in an eccentric way. She gives them SUCH a hard time. Everything they ask her to do she acts all difficult about. You can tell she's totally enjoying herself and doing this entirely for fun. Her appointment is probably the highlight of her day. She said something the other day and I pinned her as being from Boston. "SOUTH BOSTON" she tells me. Apparently there's a difference and she wanted it pointed out. She didn't look impressed that I was from Haverhill.

* There was a whole discussion one day about what songs people wanted played at their funerals. Perhaps this is a generational thing. The people who joined the discussion were at least in their sixties probably closer to seventy and had the whole thing planned out. They knew exactly how they wanted their funeral to go and what songs should be played. All I could think was - "hey how about you live your life rather than plan your death"? Leave me a comment if you've got your funeral all planned out. ME? I don't care what you do when I die - whatever makes you feel better!

* Oh there was also this one patient that habitually showed up late. I could just tell my therapist made him work harder, not enough to be really noticeable but you could tell if you were doing as much people ogling as I did. I got a giggle out of it and called her on it, she gave me a pretend shocked face.

Those are just a few little tidbits that jump to mind. I'm going to miss going. Is that weird? Every other person I've ever spoken to has hated PT. Maybe I need a life. OH and Zack has been telling people (I didn't even know this at first) that Mommy is in therapy. I had to ask him to clarify PHYSICAL therapy. Maybe I should just go to therapy - there are so many hints all around me ;-)

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  1. I can relate. I really enjoyed my therapists when I went after my car accident. I felt so much better and the group of people working there were great. They even gave me a goodie bag and card for my birthday...which I'm sure is standard practice, but I liked it anyway.


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