Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Random Ramblings...

I have a new baby niece to gush over. Matt's sister and her husband welcomed baby girl Madison Leigh into the family on Monday. She is a total chunker. She weighed in at 9lbs 5oz and has the chubbiest cheeks.

Daddy is very proud of his new baby girl!

Everyone is doing well. The whole family is gathered around them to give them support and congratulations. We're a bit sad to be so far away, but we're glad for internet and cell phones. We got to see her picture within minutes of her being born.

We're officially done with soccer. All practices, games, camps, and parties are done until August. In a highly amusing turn of events, one of Zack's coaches was kicked out of the game on Saturday. The Ref that we've had for the past couple of weeks obviously thinks that the kids are older than 6/7 because she's making all sorts of fancy calls and telling them about rules they don't even have the vocabulary for. She made a few ridiculous calls where both coaches were rolling their eyes. Coach Rick contradicted her on one call and she blew the whistle and told him he needed to find a replacement. He wasn't being beligerant, his own child wasn't on the field, and the contradiction was in the OTHER team's favor. All the parents are such good friends that we found the entire episode to be the BEST way to finish the season. We even presented Rick with several of his very own "Red Cards"

Let's see. Skyler and I spent a good portion of Sunday morning making Mother's Day cards. Zack wanted nothing to do with the artsy crafty stuff. He has to be in the right mood. He was in the mood to be left alone. Matt golfed with my Aunt & Uncle who moved here recently. It was a nice quiet day. Mike and Amy came for dinner and I actually got to hold Nate with no crazy chaos going on.

We aren't too exciting. I'm distracted with how much I hate the whole daycare system and how they hold you hostage and how expensive it is. Matt is getting ready for his annual golf trip. The kids have summer fever. They're ready for the beach and pool but it hasn't quite gotten warm enough yet - the warm weather has been slow coming.

Talk soon!


  1. Congrats to the new family! What an exciting time for them.

  2. Love the post and pictures. Hope we can talk soon. Miss you guys.


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