Thursday, June 26, 2008

72 degrees and holding!

WE HAVE AC! YES I was tapping my foot at 5:01. They showed up at 5:2something and with barely a "Hello" got right to work. You could tell that they were on a mission and didn't want to be here all night. The kids and I got out of the way but I noticed that Matt followed them around a bit asking questions. He loves to learn how/why things work and how you do things. He now has a hefty appreciation for heating and cooling contractors. Around 8:30 I went downstairs to see what the status was (it was still HOT), and Matt said that they had run out of some special gas they needed for saudering. I rolled my eyes imagining a "we'll be back on Monday because we have 300 other jobs to do" explanation but they ran out and acquired said gas somewhere and were back to finish. They rolled out at 10:20. This thing has super power. We watched the digits on the thermostat go down down down pretty quickly. YAY for cold air! Apparently we'll need some duct work done eventually, and "the guy" gave us a great quote, but we've got to save our pennies for that one! Literally, save.our.pennies. ;-)

In other areas, you know in movies, they have those schools for girls that offer manners and diction and balancing a book on your head? Yeah Skyler needs that. Last night, we're sitting at the kitchen table, and she asked me to take the peperoni off her piece of pizza. I tried, and made that "ooh ooh hot" sound to which she replied "Giiiirrrrrrl, ah told ya it was hot!" I just stared at her with the "what did you just say?" face on. What am I going to do with her? Watch out Grammy, I'm sending her your way!

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  1. Hooray for A/C! Just in time for the heat wave rolling in today!


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