Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I just haven't "felt it". I'm in a rut.

I've got some pictures to post but I've got to upload them, eh. I've got stories to tell, but I don't feel witty or story tellish. I guess I'm in a funk.

Matt's family visits this week. I'm sure that will snap me out of it. We're OH so excited to see them.

Send me happy bloggy vibes - SOMETHING! BLAH!

PS - how about a couple of PSA's?

Have you seen all of those McDonald's commercials for their new Iced Coffee? I see people drinking them all the time. WELL - read this post from another blogger. It should pretty much cure your desire to ever try one!!!

This info might be helpful while we're all trying to save money to put gas in our cars: How to find the cost of electricity. I think it's something interesting that you should do once to get you thinking. Although I hated line dried towels growing up - my kids are going to learn to hate them too ;-) Oooh I should post a picture of my ingenious idea of stringing twine between two trees.


  1. I don't have anything witty to say that will inspire you to write but I will tell you that you are bookmarked right below my msnbc news page that I check a few times a day and I often end up coming to your page by mistake (a couple times a day). I notice what I've done, get excited to read something new, and then am bummed when it's the same. Then I'm off to MSNBC where it's not nearly as entertaining. Now get to writin'!

  2. Yeah, come on Ms Amanda get back to blogging. It's hard to start my day without a "Skylerism' or two. I can't wait to see y'all
    while you're visiting up North. I was thinking I was the only one that had strange....VERY strange dreams.

  3. Well, I can totally empathize as you can tell my blog hasn't been updated on a regular basis. But, I do love reading your blog. I'm sure when the Molnar clan from CA shows up you'll have so much material that you'll not be able to keep up. Looking forward to future updates soon. BTW-I do have something to blog about. Your Uncle and I spent all day Sat. Yup, all day shopping for (drum roll please) a wood pellet insert for our fireplace. Isn't that exciting?! Oh, and we have 3 tons of pellets coming (150 bags) to make room in the basement for. Yup, I'm excited! Actually, all tongue and cheek aside...we are excited that we're not going to be totally reliant on heating oil which right now (this morning's rate) $4.69 a gallon. UGH!!!


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