Tuesday, June 03, 2008

First Photo Shoot...GAH!

WELL, I'm not entirely sure she's cut out to be a model. She's totally temperamental with getting her picture taken... WAIT, maybe she IS the perfect model. She's already got the attitude, loves wacky outfits, hates getting out of bed in the morning, and makes comments on what people (*ahem* I) wear.

So Sunday morning we met husband and wife photographic team John and Ana at the Botanical Gardens (GET a season pass to this place if you can, it's SO beautiful and there's a huge children's area). Sky has been SO excited for this day. We spent all morning picking out her outfits and getting her all prettied up (ie, washing her hair) and as soon as John (who she's met before) got out of the car I saw her turn off. She completely shut down fun mode and booted up pissy shy toddler mode. We figured she'd warm up and headed out into the gardens. They tried their best but she was mostly a pain in the ass to work with. I think we got some good shots despite her antics. Then we headed back to their house to do some studio shots. In the car I asked her what was wrong, in the past she's loved when people want her to get all Sassy for pictures. I tried bribing her with ANYTHING. I finally got out of her that she didn't like Mr. John (nicest guy ever) and she only wanted Ms. Ana to take her pictures AND we agreed to an ice cream and trip to the pool later.

When we got to the house, I whispered to Ana that Sky was uncomfortable with Jon. They must have code words because she asked him to "bring her a glass of water" and we never saw him again. Well wouldn't you know, she came out of her shell and performed quite nicely. She changed outfits a ton of times and hammed it up. Ana thought we got some great shots.

I felt weird having all that picture taking opportunity and I myself not have any shots that I have control over to edit and post as I please. It's weird working with a photographer. I should see proofs at the end of this week. Then we work with the agent to pick the ones that will go on her composite shots. EEEEeeeek!! Do we really want to do this? Baby steps right?

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