Monday, June 09, 2008

Ice ice baby...

We're still "enjoying" temperatures over 100 degrees. We spent the majority of our energies this weekend finding ways to stay cool. We borrowed a window a/c unit from friends so we can all sleep easy. Some of us are sleeping easier than others - Skyler has taken to sleeping au naturel. We ate A LOT of freeze pops. We watched a marathon of The History Channel's Ice Road Truckers I kid you not - there's nothing like watching people work in -30 degree temps to make you not feel so bad about your own pathetic situation. We also spent lots of time in the pool. The kids were pretty easy going about it except for Zack not being impressed by Skyler's outfits (or lack of outfits ;-) ) We're managing but we're anxiously awaiting Wednesday's expected drop in temperatures. Skyler and I even preferred to get in the car Sunday afternoon rather than sit at home - the car has A/C. We went and visited my Aunt Joyce (Hi Auntie Joyce!). She entertained us for a little while.

My Aunt Daina read my blog this morning and decided to share this little A/C story. I must admit I got quite a giggle out of it. You probably will too!

That's about it - the kids and I are happy to be somewhere cool this week. Matt, not so much, he works outside quite a bit. Send us frigid thoughts and links to things that are cold! We're mooching pool time off of Tom & Jenn tonight!

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