Friday, June 13, 2008

Just call me Dorothy...

All the talk about tornadoes in the news is apparently having an effect on me. Last night I had a crazy dream about being sucked up by a tornado. I can't believe I didn't wake up nightmare style. In fact I didn't even remember the dream until I was driving to work, listening to NPR and they were discussing the latest tornadoes and I GASPED and remembered the whole dream. Matt and I were in the van, he was driving. It was windy and we noticed a tornado form to the left of the car. I was panicking looking around for where we should go. I thought that being in our car was the worst place. Then that tornado sort of went away from us. We drove up a little more and then pulled into a large parking lot of a restaurant, thinking to go in there. As we were parking we could feel the car being pulled, it was a tornado pulling our car towards it. We felt that we had to get out of the car so as the tornado was lifting the car we had the doors open and were trying to get out. Then we were both sort of suspended in air. The details get fuzzy at this point. Matt landed down first and then I must have. END.OF.DREAM. Weird huh? I've never seen a tornado or thought too much about one. Perhaps my subconscious is worried about the possibility.

The weather has finally cooled off a bit, a brief respit I'm sure. The temps were in the high 80s yesterday cooling off in the evening. The kids have one day of school left and last night you could feel their excitement. They played outside in the yard with the neighborhood kids until almost 9:00 when I had to drag them in by their ears. They were having so much fun that I hated to break it up but I made a mistake with Skyler because she was a miserable beast this morning. She is SO not a morning person. She was up way too late last night.

Tonight all the kids in the neighborhood were invited to a pool party that starts at 8:00pm. The hour is crazy but our community pool can be rented out after hours. They close at 8:00. Since it's the last day of school and the kids can sleep late tomorrow morning, the hosts thought it would be fun. I think it will be a blast - a start of summer party. The kids are already giddy that they get to GO to a party at their usual bedtime and they'll get to swim at the pool when it's dark out. Should be fun, no?

Have a fantastic weekend. We're going to be power cleaning. The West Coast Molnars are coming for a visit - we're oh so excited!

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  1. I have sometimes had reoccuring tornado nightmares. And maybe this is crazy, but I looked it up one time in a dream dictionary and it said that a tornado is a symbol of if you dream about tornados, you are fearing that you are losing control or in the middle of chaos.

    But I can also see how a lot of tornado talk around you might strike up a dream about it too.



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