Thursday, June 19, 2008

Monday Monday so good to me...

Monday the kids had their first day of Summer Camp. Mondays and Fridays are their swim days. Zack was one of two to pass the swim test needed to go in the deep end. He thinks he's the shiznit and has now fulfilled his life prophecy and doesn't want to swim at camp anymore WTF? Kids are weird. "I passed the test so I don't HAVE to swim anymore!" HELLO? It's FUN!

Monday evening my SIL Lashelle and her two boys flew in from Oregon. We all piled in to pick them up a the airport which is at most a 15 minute ride, both my two fell asleep on the way there. I guess they had some serious fun at camp. Lashelle was a bit tired of traveling but the boys were ready to party. Noah was Mr. Talkative and Bryce wanted to play but you couldn't try to pick him up or get too close. He took to Matt pretty quickly.

OH I guess I should mention the Porta Crib Incident. For at least three months now Lashelle has been double checking all her travel plans. I told her I have my old porta crib for her so she doesn't have to bring one. She double, triple, quintuple checked with me. "No problem, I've got it". Wellll, I THOUGHT I had it. Apparently I loaned it to Mike and Amy two years ago. We're on the same return schedule and just never bothered to move it from their house to ours the thousand times we've seen each other since. I didn't check for the porta crib I thought for sure was in my attic until OH about 30 minutes before Lashelle's flight landed. That resulted in multiple frantic calls to Mike & Amy who had decided to go to the pool sans cell phones trying to track down this crib. They finally called back as we were at baggage claim and were the SUPER BESTEST FRIENDS EVAH and drove the damn thing all the way from their house to ours. I didn't tell Shelle. ;-)


Bryce & Skyler coloring

Bryce & Zack playing PS2 - Bryce is in heaven to have his own (not connected) controller

Um, where's Noah? Apparently he was Mr. Evasive and I didn't capture him on film, uh disk. I'll get him tonight!

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