Friday, June 06, 2008

My Thanks...

Well it's dead. Our A/C unit is 3500 dollars dead. We have to replace the entire thing AND the heat pump to be up to code. I was a walking anxiety attack yesterday afternoon. I can't tell if I was having hot flashes or if it was the fact that it was 100 degrees out.

Matt talked me down and had done A LOT of research by the time I got home from work. Our friends Tom and Jenn had gone through this same scenario last summer so they had several recommendations for us including an awesome a/c repair guy. Hopefully we'll have a new system in about a week, cross your fingers soon-to-be-visiting-Molnars. In the meantime, I have some thanks to make...

First and foremost, thank you to my parents who are ALWAYS there for us. I know that most people get to a certain age and think that they won't/don't need their parents but you just always do and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

Thanks to Tom and Jenn for having us over last night even though I know they had other things to do. Thanks for letting me cool off in the pool, for passing on all your knowledge, and for just generally being good friends. Thanks to Tom for trying to get me looped! ;-)

Thanks to Mike for calling at 10:15 even though it was late, just to check and see how we were doing. I so appreciate the "I don't care what time it is, I need to know how you are" portion of our friendship. Your talk really helped me get through some self-depressing thoughts.

And of course, thanks to Matt, my dearest, who always seems to be calmest during a crisis that works me up. We couldn't manage with two of us out of control with worry. We'll get through this and work to be more prepared for next time (NO next time, PLEASE no next time).

So, there's my Debbie Downer of a post. Check out the little thingy in the top right hand corner and gauge how much sweat is pouring off our bodies right now. It's supposed to be over 100 this weekend. Thankfully the nights are pretty cool. I've got dark towels hanging over all the windows to keep the sun out. It looks like college kids did our curtains!


  1. ANYthing you need, let us know. Or just come over!

  2. Two years ago we spent what you'd pay for a small car to have our entire unit replaced. I know what you mean. Sending super cool thoughts you way...

  3. Well, now it sounds like you need a wicked belly laugh right now the kind that has your sides aching and crying. So, here's my best attempt to give ya that laugh. Plus, it deals with A/C issues. So, check out our blog for the belly bustin post! Hang in there!


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