Thursday, June 19, 2008

Totally Tuesday... (get it? It's a days of the week theme...)

Tuesday evening Skyler's school put on a little dance recital. It was so freakin adorable. She was one of the oldest ones that participated and she was all smiles. Her teacher had them change costumes for each song. I have some videos and pics:

I See You:

Hat Dance:
Before you watch this one I have to tell you that Matt has been fired from all future videography duties. The first video is borderline, the second one has a nice long shot of the hat...

Last one:

Check out the lady on the left. She had something to say about every.little.thing. Seriously she didn't shut up through the whole performance and she was in the front row. I wanted to POP her.


See the little boy on the left, Nahome, he is SO adorable. He's absolutely genuinely SO excited about life. If only we could bottle a little bit of his enthusiasm...

There was even a balance beam portion... Ms. Thang went first and her smile was as wide as her face!

She was delighted with putting on a show but admitted later that night that she was scared. She certainly didn't act it - she was quite confident. I was smart this time and brought Zack's DS so that I could plug him in. He's not exactly supportive of his sister despite the fact that she goes to all of his events and manages to behave without a single electronic device. He's lucky he's so cute and loves his Mommy so much ;-)

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  1. Tell Matt I just love the focus on the hat.....too funny!


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