Monday, June 30, 2008

We may as well have taken up smoking...

I'm estimating that my faithful readers reader does not live near The Great Dismal Swamp which has been on fire for about a month. So I don't think you can fully appreciate the horror that is our current air quality. Never before did I consider whether or not the GDS being on fire would in any way affect me, but I should have.

The fire, which started when logging equipment caught fire, had consumed 4,034 acres by last Saturday. We live easily more than 30 miles from this thing but when you step outside it's like your neighbor's house is on fire. The kids can't play outside, can't go to the pool, and are "booooorrrrreeeed". I had to rent some movies on an otherwise beautiful Sunday so that they'd have something to keep the whining down. Anyone with asthma or an allergy is miserable. And remember how I was so excited about hanging a clothes line?


Yeah well I can't hang anything out there lest it smell like I hung it in the smoker's lounge at the airport. Hopefully we'll be smoke free soon!

What was my point? I'm not sure I had one. Perhaps that was information only, no entertainment value whatsoevah!

Friday night Matt and Mike slaved over a hot grill and produced a rib extravaganza!




We had to get out Baby Nate's wipes. Speaking of Baby Nate, how cute is he?


As previously stated we did nothing fun all weekend (if you ask Zack). We watched movies, cleaned rooms, colored, played Barbies, computer games, and Wii. I finished Pride and Prejudice and started The Memory Keeper's Daughter - it's SO slow. I'm seriously not enjoying it at all. I DID end up enjoying Pride and Prejudice, I'm glad I muscled through the beginning. What are YOU reading?

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  1. I'm reading Eclipse from the Stephenie Meyers' Twilight Series. Breaking Dawn (the 4th book) will be out on Aug. 2nd. If you haven't read these yet and are interested...let me know. I'll bring them to the reunion on the 26th. BTW-those ribs look AWESOME! Nate is so cute!


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