Friday, July 18, 2008

45 minutes at the beach...

Photobucket What happens when you throw wet sand at your big brother? Anyone?

Revenge and actual sand tears... Did anyone besides Skyler NOT see that coming?

The waves were pretty rough yesterday so the kids just rolled in the sand.

Which in a short time resulted in this:

And this:

I was itchy and scratchy just looking at them. It was matted in their hair, eyelashes, crevices, everywhere! And while we're on this subject, can anyone tell me WHY bathing suit manufacturers don't sew up that little pocket in the crotch of girls' swimsuits? That thing FILLS with sand and well, that's just not comfortable.

All that fun is short lived when you've got a butt crack full of sand so we didn't stay long, dragged all our beach crap to the showers and had al fresco towel curtain showering which my little nudists thought was hysterical. Just think for a minute what my car looks like today? We brought a good chunk of the beach home with us.

You know who had a great time at the beach?
Nate! He loves his snuggly and he just chilled watching the nutty big kids.

All in all, I'm not sure the 45 minutes we spent at the beach was worth all the effort but it was a good picture opportunity and that makes Mommy happy!

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  1. Got to love sandy kids in your car! I don't have to worry too much seeing how Bryce won't step foot on the sand. LOL


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