Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Google Search "Chastity Belt"...

We've had a bit of trouble connecting lately, especially at dinner time. Matt's working some wonky hours so he's really tired in the evenings and the kids would rather be outside playing with their friends than sitting at the dinner table with their parents. Much to their dismay, I have cooked a sit down meal two nights in a row. It's almost painful for me so I don't know why I do it. The whining is annoying, getting them to help set and clean up is annoying, listening to the bickering is annoying. If it weren't for Skylerisms such as the following gem, I'd just send them outside with a PB&J sandwich until school starts.

(while buttering her biscuit for the 4th time)

Skyler: "I wish I was covered in butter and could dance"

Uh, WHAT? This will be Matt and I me (GASP. What if Amy had caught that?) in a couple of years (like 2010).

Oh and I had a chat with the daycare director yesterday. Apparently the sweet little sister that we know and love at our house is a bit of a Bossy Gillis as soon as she leaves our property. We had no idea. Just yesterday she was sent to the office for smacking a boy upside the head (Zack, the tattler reporter, says she likes him) and another parent complained that they didn't like the way she was bossing their child around and telling him where to go and when to do so. I was shocked. She's just not like that at home. The director was equally shocked when I described OUR Skyler.

We're doomed. She's so the child leaving the house in her uniform and changing into a mini-skirt, tube top, and painted make-up as soon as she gets to school. Her Kindergarten teacher should LOVE her!


  1. That is hilarious! Where does she come up with this stuff? :)

  2. Man, I'm so off my game. I DIDN'T catch it. $@#%

  3. Oh man do I remember the days of bathroom changes and make-up! Just don't be stupid...change before you leave school. I waited to get to a friends house and my mom was walking the kids from her daycare and I WAS BUSTED!


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