Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEE!

Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of my 29th birthday! I have to say that the actual day sucked. I had a killer migraine. I was OH SO happy when Matt got out of school early at about noon. I went straight back to bed and slept another 4 hours. It didn't actually help the migraine but at least I was unconscious and couldn't feel it. When I got up Matt and the kids gave me flowers and cards and a gc to get a massage and had even made me an appointment at 7pm. It was fantabulous, definitely eased some of the tension from my headache.

Saturday was a much better day. The kids' friend Kyra had a birthday party at a bowling alley. While they bowled I got to catch up with all the Soccer Moms. That was fun. Then we raced home to catch the neighborhood block/pool party. I had expected it to rain so I didn't wear my bathing suit, but I soon had to run home because the rain clouds disappeared and it was H.O.T. All the neighborhood kids were in the pool, it was treacherous swimming. Joy, our hostess, also had hula hoop contests and the limbo. Zack lost a tooth in the pool. It was super duper loose and we had already agreed that if it didn't fall out on its own that day, I would pull it out while he was sleeping. This is Zack's preferred method of tooth loss. He will not do the deed himself, and will not let you do it while he's awake. You are, however, fully authorized to pull it out while he's sleeping. Anyway, it was hanging by a sliver of tissue and he hit it just right in the pool and it popped out in his hand. Here are some hula pics:



Later we had plans to go out for Sushi with Mike and Amy. Skyler asked where we were going and I said Kan Pai. She asked what kind of pie we were going to have. I had to laugh and tell her it was sushi not pie. She's such a funny kid! We had a great time at dinner. Our buddy Bruce sent over a bottle of our favorite, Nigori Sake, and a delicious little creme brule.




Later we went home for our other tradition of ice cream cake. Knowing the tradition, the kids waited up and helped us polish off MOST of the cake. I saved a hunk for breakfast on Sunday (I can do that because I'm the Birthday Girl).

That was that. I'm glad we did most of the celebrating on Saturday!


  1. I love it - the 5th anniversary of your 29th birthday. Happy birthday!


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