Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Did you wear keds in the summer as a kid? Did you wear them without socks? Do you remember THAT SMELL?

Skyler has taken to wearing her favorite canvas kicks without socks. I was prepared for there to be some stink, and they have been less than delightful.

But last night Skyler sat on my lap with bare feet and I gasped and checked her feet to see if she had stepped in dog poop. They literally smelled like SHIT. You can't imagine the stench that came from these pretty little feet. I immediately threatened to throw the offending shoes away, of course she flipped out. She swore she'll wear socks, which she did later. When she took the socks off, they were brown and they STUNK. The only other thing she'll wear is flip flops and she can't wear those to school. I think these might accidentally get left at Grammy's house next week.

Sorry Grammy! If you leave them on your back porch they might keep stray animals away.


  1. I got a nauseous (i don't know how to spell it - so sue me!) headache in the car to the beach the other day from said feet. Come on growth spurt! Put us all out of our misery! :)

  2. those shoes are sooo cute, just please remember to keep them at your moms!


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