Thursday, August 07, 2008

Car Woes... :-(

AGAIN I need to blog about how thankful I am for the kindness of friends. The day we left for vacation Matt stopped to pick something up before we left and his car did the putter putter die thing. His friend Jon otherwise known as Dr. Jon left WORK to come and help out. He gave Matt a jump and then followed him home where he had to help push the car into the driveway. As we were due to leave for ten days in a few hours, we decided to pretend it didn't happen and deal with it when we got back. Mature I know, but well, what can you do?

Over the week, Matt talked to my brother Tim, his brother Ben, my dad, Mike, Tom, and the chick at the Saturn dealership, and all seemed to agree that it sounded like the alternator. The chick at the dealership said it would be like $500something for a new alternator plus labor. That information SUCKED.

When we got home Matt and his buddies kept talking about it. Kevin checked it out and said his neighbor would fix it for $150 plus parts ($200ish) and then we happened to mention the ordeal in front of Tom's visiting BIL. Who is a mechanic. For Mack. HELLO NEW BEST FRIEND!

NBF (Stevie) offered to replace the alternator, front brakes, oil, and air filter, for a case of beer. WELL my friend, belly up to the Bar de Molnar and you can have whatever beer you want. They went and got all the parts from Autozone or some other man store for $300 and NBF, Tom (who did this on his BIRTHDAY) and Matt fixed the Saturn up all perty like! I can't tell you how excited I was to see three sweaty men in my driveway when I got home from work yesterday.

SO thank you to:

NBF (Stevie) for the expertise and physical labor
Tom for working hard on his birthday
Kevin for checking things out and trying to find someone to help
Dr. Jon for leaving work to jump the car
Tim & Dad & Ben for advice
Mike for checking on the car while we were away

You are all true friends and saved us a substantial amount of money!!! MWAH!


  1. ahhh the younger brother doesn't get any credit for his help. so sad
    I give him credit!

  2. So, it takes THREE sweaty men to get you excited...So many jokes there, I don't know where to begin!

  3. Ah, thank goodness for friends of friends of friends! And the tree just keeps growing.


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