Thursday, August 14, 2008

Crafty ideas...

Last night I had to go through September's issue of Family Fun magazine to see if I could remember what it was that sparked my craftiness.

It was these little lunch money tins made from old altoid containers.

SURE, your child could use a little wallet but A. that doesn't = cool craft project with your kid and 2. doesn't reuse items you probably have around the house. I thought it was adorable.

AND I found another cute snack idea if you've got a bunch of kids in and out of the house like we do lately, mini caramel apples:

I think the apples would be really cute for a school party snack too. I'm thinking I might give it a whirl sometime, maybe...


  1. i did those mini candy apples for our halloween party last year. HUGE hit with the kids. and less sugar then a big one!!

  2. i forgot. another fun thing to do is let the kids decorate them. i had the apples on the stick ready to go with bowls of candy for them to choose from. it was a hit with the older kids!!


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