Thursday, August 28, 2008

Feeling chunky...

Okay, that's it. I bought a scale and stepped on it. Holy Shit! I knew things were bad, the fact that I have about 3 pairs of pants that fit me should have clued me in. I had no idea that things were THIS bad. I have hit my highest (non-pregnancy) weight. I have been at this number only one other time and I look back at those pictures and am horrified. THUS I should be horrified now. Before I say my number, which doesn't bother me to share, please know that I understand that everyone's bodies are different and we all have a threshold for what will get us in action. This is mine. Yours might be different and I understand that. We're talking about me here, me me me. SO - the magic number that gets my ass in gear is 164 lbs. I promise not to make my blog about dieting because I suck at it anyway. I'm going to get on the exercise bandwagon though and humor me if I mention my progress every once in awhile. In fact, feel free to call me on it in the comments. Apparently I need encouragement!

***** end of weight rant

I did something last weekend that really excited me. I went to a seminar on parenting children identified as gifted learners. I was so moved by the speaker Dr. Sylvia Rimm that I haven't really been able to put my thoughts into words. I still can't. I immediately went to the library and checked out one of her books so that I could further absorb her ideas. She's spent years advising the Today Show and travels the country speaking when she isn't practicing in her own clinic in Wisconsin. She really inspired me to get involved in the Gifted Program this year and to learn all I can to help my children learn to their capacity while not pushing them too far. I won't drone on and on about it, but thought I'd mention the seminar since it sparked something inside me. For some reason, I'm unable to speak adequately about things that are truly inspirational to me.

That's what's on my mind today - don't you feel better now that you know?

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  1. I was looking at your back to school post and happened onto yours.

    I hit my threshold a little over a month ago, when I saw pictures of myself taken (fully clothed) at the beach. :(

    I've joined sparkpeople (free), and I'm reducing calories and exercising. I feel good that I'm doing something! If you want to join me (and Shelli, too!), come join.


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