Monday, August 11, 2008

In a nutshell...

Friday night Mike & Amy & Nate came over to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics. WOW - did you see it? That was some pretty amazing stuff. If you haven't seen it yet I'm sure you can find it on youtube, or here. This is NBC's link to Olympic video highlights. On top of watching the ceremonies Nate entertained us with his rolling trick. The more Skyler squeeled at him for rolling over, the more he rolled. They both fell asleep on the floor before the end of the ceremonies. I think Mikey fell asleep too - we're a bunch of wild and crazy folks I tell ya!

Saturday evening we got to visit with old friends. At the end of the week, one of Matt's friends from childhood emailed me to say that they'd be in town for the weekend. Melissa's husband Wes's brother lives near us. We decided on a BBQ and pool time to catch up. We hadn't seen their son Garrett yet and he's 1 1/2.


Zack giving Skyler a water piggy back. He usually tries to drown her. They were being surprisingly nice to each other!

Cutie Garrett and his Mommy Melissa


SO, remember THIS POST I did in April about the tornado that whipped through Virginia? Well our hosts for this BBQ, Matt and Leslie and their daughter Bayley, lost their home in the tornado. The whole thing. Gone. Imagine coming home and the second floor of your house is across the street where your neighbor's house USED to be. They found items streets over. Their dog was found down the street. They lost everything but a few random items. I was in total awe of their story. I don't remember much being on the news right after the immediate danger of the tornadoes had passed and they only live twenty minutes away. We drove by their lot (they start building next month), which has all been cleared now. You can see the path of where the tornado went by the glaringly absent homes on empty lots. They are doing very well and luckily had excellent insurance. We were so happy that they weren't home at the time.

Sunday was a quiet day. Zack played games with his buddy Kyle as soon as it was cool to go knocking on his door. They were back and forth all day. Matt watched as much of the Olympics as was humanly possibly with three channels showing events. Skyler went to a church carnival with our neighbors and I actually had to wait up for her. She had a BLAST and I thought she was going to wake the neighbors when she was excitedly telling me all about it in the driveway at 10:00. That one's going to be a social butterfly. Zack was sound asleep by then. Grumpy needs his rest!

That was our weekend in a nutshell. Can you stand the excitement?


  1. So great you got to see Melissa and Wes. We've never met Garrett either, we never go down south anymore. Believe it or not your weekend was much more eventful than ours!

  2. ahhh I miss all the Cook family!! How fun!!


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