Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sliced bread....

I have a bit of an addiction to television. I hate that reality crap but give me a sitcom or a dramedy and I'm in hog heaven. There's a few reasons why I watch tv alone (ie no one likes to watch tv with me). I'm incredibly impatient. I hate embarrassing moments. I like to watch multiple episodes back to back. If the sound is funny I watch with the closed captions on so I can read it as well as listen. All of this leads up to me telling you about the greatest invention since the epidural, TIVO. I know you've all heard about it. All the cable providers now have their own version of a dvr. If you don't have one, drag your sorry ass out of the dark ages and sign yourself up people. I never ever watch commercials, I can fast forward through embarrassing moments, and I tend to let multiple episodes stack up so I can watch them all at once. Not only that but Tivo records things it THINKS you might like to watch. You can create a search for anything with Gwynneth Paltrow in it and whenever something is on that Gwynnie is in, it records it. Seriously, greatest thing ever.

What is the point of my random ramble about my love for Tivo? Well someone just mentioned that Fall Shows will be starting soon and it got me wondering what was going to be one when. I took a look at the fall line up and I might have a bit of a problem in terms of clogging up the Tivo on Mondays. The networks are screwing with me.

At risk of embarrassing myself by listing the number of shows I watch, here's my list. Keep in mind that I might go a month without watching some of these and then have a marathon on a Saturday evening. Remember it takes about 2/3 the time to watch a show without commercials. * indicates a new show that I might or might not add to the roster.

8:00 - Big Bang Theory
8:00 -Chuck
8:00 - Gossip Girl
9:00 - Two and a Half Men - might drop this one
9:30 - Samantha Who?
9:30 - Worst Week *

See the problem at 8:00? I can't tape all of those. I'm going to have to deploy some strategy. I'll have to watch Big Bang Theory downstairs with Matt and then start Chuck at 8:30 which will let me skip the commercials and leave Gossip Girl for a marathon weekend viewing. This was almost a problem last year but Gossip Girl wasn't on at 8:00 which frankly annoys me. That's too early for that show. There's a lot of teen drinking and sex. They need to push it back an hour or so which would screw up my schedule even more, no they need to move it to, uh Thursday, yeah I have some space on Thursday.

8:00 - 90210 *
8:00 - House (at 8pm seriously?)
9:00 - The Mentalist or Privileged (both new, only one can stay) *
9:00 - Fringe (said to be the next Lost, catch this one)*

8:00 - Old Christine
8:00 - Knight Rider (I figure Zack will like this one) *
8:30 - Gary Unmarried *
9:00 - Private Practice
9:00 - 'Til Death
9:30 - Do Not Disturb *
10:00 - Lipstick Jungle

8:30 - Kath & Kim *
9:00 - The Office

9:00 - The Ex-List *

9:00 - Desperate Housewives

9 of the 21 shows listed are new and most probably won't make it. So maybe it isn't too bad.

Mom, if you're reading this and thinking that SURELY I have something else to do with my time, SHHHH, pretend they're all shows about quilting.

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