Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're Heeere....

Why is it that my kids make a total and complete ENTRY where ever we go?

This morning was like any other although I was actually running a bit early which is unusual. We went into daycare to drop off and I stopped in the hall to talk to one of the teachers whose daughter is in Sky's class. As I'm talking, Skyler pokes her head out of the bathroom and she's CRYING, red faced, holding a paper towel to her eye. I run over and after using my super sonic dolphin hearing to decipher the screeches determined that she had an eyelash in her eye. The only way I could really get it out was to sit on the floor in the hall and hold her across my lap and force her eye open. She's carrying on like the drama queen that she is and flailing and I'm trying to hold her arms down while forcing her eyelid open. Once I get in there I get the eyelash right out. In the meantime every teacher in the school has come out to the hall to see who is being kidnapped. As I sit her up and give her a kiss on the head, her hair gets caught in my nose ring and pulls it out. I don't realize this until the nose ring which is TINY has disappeared. So Skyler, Zack, and I are crawling around on the floor looking for this microscopic fleck of sparkle and I'm no longer running ahead of schedule. I was about to give up when we found it. I popped it back in and now that I'm thinking about it with all the germs in a daycare I'm sure to develop a staph infection any day now. Lovely!


  1. what a great way to start your morning. NOT

  2. I think they do it just so you'll have funny stuff to blog about.

  3. I guess I've trained them well.


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