Thursday, August 28, 2008

What would you have done...

I finally found a regular hair stylist that I like...LOVE. I called Monday to make appointments for me and the kids. I was informed by the manager that Rachael had left and she could recommend someone else that Rachael liked. Okay, not loving this but I set the kids up with appointments at the same time yesterday and me for Saturday.

We arrived and shortly Skyler was called back by Laura who I recognized and was comfortable with. They went off to wash her hair. Zack was called back by Dale. Zack and I explained to Dale that we wanted a two inch wide Mohawk that went down the back of his head. He seemed to understand this and judging from Dale's blond shoulder length ringlets {insert judgey eye roll here} I thought he might know his way around some hair. OH BOY was I mistaken. You could tell when he pulled out the clippers that he was INCREDIBLY uncomfortable with them. Perhaps if Zack had shoulder length ringlets it would have been a match made in heaven {insert another judgey eye roll here}. It took THREE people helping him and Zack finally saying he was DONE for me to call it quits. Deciding that if in the same amount of time it took Laura to wash, cut, and dry Skyler's mid-back length hair Dale hadn't completed the desired Mohawk that we've successfully had done at Supercuts many times before then we were out of there. Poor kid ended up with some weird conglomeration of a Mohawk and a high-n-tight. I was not happy but didn't want Zack to be uncomfortable so I chose not to have a confrontation right there.

We got home and the kids went inside while I called the salon from the car. I explained that I knew that everyone had to start somewhere but that I was not comfortable with their new people practicing on my children. I could and have done a better job in my kitchen. Furthermore, if I couldn't trust them to recommend and/or employ reputable stylists, I for damn sure wasn't getting my hair cut there on Saturday. AND had the situation been reversed and Dale had attempted to butcher Skyler's hair I would have murdered him. At least a boy's hair can just be shaved off and start over if need be. They were all apologies and assurances that my new stylist was excellent and they would fix Zack's hair right away.

I'm going to bring him with me on Saturday. I'm giving them one chance and then I'm on the hunt for a new stylist again.

SO - what do you know about new stylists? Shouldn't they know their way around a head of hair before they start attacking small children with sharp instruments? Would you have pitched a fit right there if your child was oblivious? I just didn't want Zack to think I thought his head was hideous. It doesn't look THAT bad - more like Mom tried to cut his hair in the kitchen and it didn't go really well. I can't let him start the school year that way. Would you go back and give the salon another chance?


  1. nope! i would go back to the place that has done it before and ask them to fix it. and i would ask for my money back for zack.

  2. No way..if they didn't do it right the first time I doubt they are going to do any better the second time. I understand that people are new and all that...but they should know how to use clippers and such, I mean that's what they go to school for..LOL

  3. lol.... it is hard to find good stylists... especially when you have unique hair (like I have)
    so... I cut my son's hair (15months old) and it turns out well... ya know... for a kid who won't hold still

  4. Oh, man! I think I'd ask for a refund too & make sure the gal that does yours has YEARS of experience.

  5. I think he should have told u he was not experienced enough to do a mohawk. I wouldn't have said anything to them with Zack their either. Troy would have gets upset when I confront people in front of him. Demand your money back! Poor Zack!

  6. I am so exactly where you on this. I had a simular situation recently with my daughter. I just wanted a simple bob with it stacked in the back. The stylist took over an hour on my 4 year old, and just kept cutting and cutting! At one point she even handed the shears to another stylist! That's when I had had enough! I had to inform them that I was done! I realized then, that the reason my usually very active girly girl was sitting so still, was because she was sleeping. I didn't want to make a scene, because 1. I wanted to be nice, and spread joy, and B. I didn't want my little one to know that I was very unhappy with her hair! It has been over a month now, and I am trying to decide, if I should cut it myself, or try someplace else?


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