Wednesday, September 03, 2008

1 down, 179 to go...

When I picked Zack up yesterday he ran over to me and said "MOM, my teacher was nice, really really nice. She was SO cool." I was really thrilled that he was that excited about her. I'm also wondering if he thought he was going to get a troll. Why are all kids programmed to think their teachers will be evil? He had a fantastic day and was all babbles and chatter as I drove him to the doctor's office. He has a sinus infection and likely Sever's Syndrome or Plantar Fasciitis. It's more likely Severe's given his age and the fact that he plays soccer. He now has to wear inserts in his sneakers and his cleats. The kid is growing and growing fast. He's completely off the CDC growth charts and will be taller than I am in no time. HE'S SEVEN!

I called home while we were waiting for Zack's prescription and I got some distracted mumbles to my inquiries about her day from Skyler. She was excited to see me when I walked through the door but then reported that Kindergarten is "BORING". She conceded that perhaps just the first day is boring.

Neither child got homework but I got two backpacks full of forms to fill out. Two kids in school, two backpacks full of forms. I was a goody goody and got them all done last night. I'd rather just get it out of the way and send it all back to school. I also gave myself a sticker on the kids' homework charts. Yay MOM!

Hopefully the rest of the year will go about the same!


  1. Your kids are adorable! Not sure how I am going to handle 1st Day of Kindergarten next year, thank god I have a year to prepare. LOL

  2. Hope Kindergarden gets a little more exciting for her.. : )

  3. I remember being worried about my teacher each year, but always loving them! Then again, I was a major teacher's pet...the kid who stayed in at recess to help grade papers. Nerd!

    Your kids are absolutely adorable!

  4. As a teacher I give you major kudos for sending the forms back on the second day. That reflects well on your kids, it's just how it is. Hopefully K isn't boring because Skyler is beyond it, being that she's super creative and smart. So happy Zack likes his teacher!


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