Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Big sticks...

Do you ever see something when you're driving along and want to stop and ask "what the heck?" I usually drive the same way to work everyday. Towards the end of my commute, I cut through a very large neighborhood that is at one end let's say sketchy and at the other fairly nice. In between the two there is a large park that in the afternoons, when there are a lot of teenagers hanging around, looks intimidating, but in the mornings there are a lot of walkers. I see four or five walkers each morning and without fail at least three of them are walking with a large stick of some sort. None of these are walking sticks. They look more like beat-someone-over-the-head sticks. I've noticed this for about a year now and I just can't understand. Are they walking with sticks for protection? This just doesn't make much sense to me. I can't imagine if I were heading out the door and said to Matt "gotta go get my big stick so I can take a walk" that he'd say "okay, have fun". I'm guessing he wouldn't let me walk wherever it is that requires the big stick. I'm also wondering if the big stick is the best way to go protection wise. Even if this is a dog problem, I'm thinking that pepper spray is a better option. It's easier to carry and you have a better chance of defending yourself with a quick squirt of pepper spray to either dog or human than you do with a stick upside the head. Surely three out of five people would have considered this. Wouldn't they? It boggles my mind. What other reason would all these people be walking with sticks?

The kids haven't been up to too much this week. Skyler finally started bringing homework home. I like that her teacher gives her the week's homework on Monday. She ripped right through all her sheets thinking she had to have them all done that afternoon. I had to slow her down. There was one sheet where she had to write her name (D'Nealian method) multiple times. I wanted her to erase and try again and she had a fit. Well yesterday afternoon the next door neighbor who is twelve came over and helped her. They sat together for a good thirty minutes just writing. I'm hiring this kid for the next twelve years! I'm telling you Skyler would do anything she asked and there was no kicking and screaming. I sat at the same table and worked with Zack and kept an eye on them but it was HEAVEN!

I've been thinking I would have, at the end of my posts, just a little political link each day. I'll just do it until the election is over. This is what sparked my interest today:

McCain Aide’s Firm Was Paid by Freddie Mac . Veeeery Innnnteresting...

Oh one more thing... I can see from my stat tracker that I have a regular reader from Ketchikan, Alaska {big wave}. (Did you all know that I could see you? ;-) ) I don't mean to totally call you out but I'm really curious to know what you think about this Bridge to Nowhere business. What's the local consensus? Can I pick your brain? Email me at amanda dot molnar at gmail dot com.

That's it for this morning!


  1. I've got a walking stick, it just keeps me balanced and keeps dogs away too. I have two left feet so it keeps me upright..LOL

  2. I would think they (sticks) are for dogs. Not to hurt them, just to help them keep their distance. But that's just my opinion. Margie

  3. Sticks are free protection, I guess. People carry them in my neighborhood too and you KNOW that's what they intend to use them for here.


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