Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Want to see how I found Skyler yesterday afternoon? She was keeping Matt company in the backyard while he grilled. She had furrowed through the back of my closet and found my boots. She decided that these were the perfect accessory to go with her musical performance. Does anyone have the website for chastity belts? Anyone?

After dinner we went to Open House for the kids' school. There were two sessions so that you could meet with two teachers if you needed to except that Skyler's teacher spoke for so long that we missed Zack's teacher's presentation. This ended up okay because his teacher spent some individual time speaking with us. Matt and I are both very pleased with both teachers and are looking forward to this school year. I'm most pleased that Zack is doing gifted level work and both of the kids' teachers own children are in the gifted resources program themselves. Second grade will be doing a study of China and Ancient Egypt this year - Zack should be on board with that. He's been fascinated with China ever since the Olympics!

I'm off to research headache remedies. Mine is still pounding, this is getting old and none of the usual stuff is working!

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  1. You sound like you have a migraine. Time for no noise...dark room..cold cold cold compress and good drugs.


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