Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Coming down...

As I've mentioned before, we've got two HUGE pine trees in our front yard that are causing all sorts of problems in our driveway.

exhibit A:

exhibit B:
Right now, as I speak, there are some crazy dudes cutting them down. I'm scared to death that I'll get home and the damn things will have come crashing through my house. The funny thing is, that's why they're finally coming down. My neighbor has been so terrified of them crashing onto her house that she was willing to get the closest neighbors together to pay for it. We all went in together (they weren't both on our property). The one neighbor who actually has no ownership is the one most likely for the trees to land on and was most wanting them gone, thus she organized the whole removal.

I'll update with pictures when I get home. Let's hope it's not a picture of a big piece of tree through my roof!


  1. Is that a water line in the second picture? Yikes..those are some big honkin trees..

  2. Oh, hate to see trees go. I'd hate to see a whole in your roof, too. Are you a little sad?


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