Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Face...

Two nights ago we were sitting around the dinner table enjoying a game of "Best Part of Your Day" and Zack was describing to me some mischief that he and his friend Kyle had gotten into that afternoon at Kyle's house. As the story went on and my eyebrows raised higher and higher on my forehead, Zack paused and said "What?" as though he didn't already know that I wasn't pleased. I pointed to my face and replied "Is THIS my happy face?" I went on to explain why I didn't like that particular behaviour. Later, Matt was instructing Skyler on how to finish clearing the dinner table and she turns to him, points at her face and says "DADDY, is THIS my happy face?". Ah, they're always listening these little ones. I somewhat enjoyed hearing myself come out of her mouth but Daddy wasn't so impressed.

In other news, I'm excited to report that the weather has dipped down into the 70's. It seems a little early in the season but I'm more than happy to turn off the A/C and open up some windows. The problem with the cooling air is that Skyler has had to pull her pants out of the closet. The problem with this is that the child has grown a good two inches in the legs but I swear has become skinnier in the waste. Her choices are floods or the baggy, show-me-your-underwear-gangster-teenager look. Yesterday she put on pants that were a size 6. These were just barely okay. They came to the tops of her feet but I had to pull that elastic thing in the waist of her pants to the point that I was sure it was just going to POP the buttons off and they still sort of hung low on her boney little hips. All her size 5 pants from last winter are so short that you can see her ankle bones. They look ridiculous, especially with sneakers. Heaven forbid I convince her to wear a skirt and leggings. I have enough trouble dressing myself every day, WHY am I being made to suffer through her fashion woes?


  1. You just brought up a memory from my childhood, when you said that about happy face. My mom use to tell me "I'll show you my Happy Face"...that was usually followed by a switch of some sort..*ROFL*

  2. How's the headache? Share your remedies...

  3. Michelle S.(aka Sha for future reference)September 24, 2008 10:56 PM

    Now you have to show your creativity and makeshift some capris from the otherwise-now-useless-pants!


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