Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Heat is not a good thing...

BLAH! I haven't felt inspired to write the past couple of days. We had what started out as a great weekend but quickly spiraled into the headache from hell that resulted in a lot of time spent with my head under the covers.

Saturday the kids had their first soccer games. It was supposed to be 94 degrees out so I was glad that at least Sky's game was early. The kids did great for not having played together before. Towards the end they were hot and over it. I think the coaches were too. The other team had a bit more soccer skill, but we were there for fun so hopefully our kids didn't notice too much.

This bench came in really handy. They tend not to wander off when you've got a home base. Check out Coach Daddy there in the sunglasses! He and Coach Rick did a fantastic job. Skyler is number 10 in the pony tails.

Check out the legs on this one. She reminds me of a baby horse, all legs that go for miles.

Zack was a pill throughout her game because all my attention was not on him. We have this problem with Zack and any of his sister's activities. I need to really consider a better way to handle it. Got any ideas?
Hiding his grouchy face from my camera!

Because the two games were scheduled fairly close together time wise and weren't on the same field, another of the parents drove the older kids to their game and we raced over as soon as Sky's game was done. I chose to leave my camera in the car this time. I tend to focus so hard on getting great shots that I miss Zack's best plays. This time I had so much fun watching him play with his buddies. It's amazing how far they've come together in two years. I saw four of the five goals he scored and was jumping up and down like a... well like a Mom.
By this time it was easily 94 degrees and there was no shade. We were all dripping wet and miserably HOT. For some reason my body isn't able to control temperature that well and when I get that hot I get a headache that doesn't quit... FOR DAYS. So I spent much of the rest of Saturday trying to hide in sleep and didn't get very far on Sunday either. I tried all sorts of various combinations of headache medication but nothing really worked. It's Tuesday and I've just now got the headache down to a dull roar.

I'm desperately hoping that next weekend is cooler. I might have to wrap myself in ice packs otherwise.


  1. looks like fun! i would take away Noah's sports if he couldn't support his brother. Esp. since Sky supports him.

    But thats me :)

  2. I get the same headaches. Yuck! Gatorade helps, somewhat.


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