Thursday, September 04, 2008

Insomnia 101...

Hi, I'm Amanda and I'm an insomniac.

When you have trouble sleeping do you ever play imagination games in your head? Like, what would you do if you won millions of dollars? Like A LOT of millions of dollars? I have this whole scenario in my head where I would rent a private tropical island for a month and invite all my friends and family to come and have a free tropical vacation. The island would have a resort like atmosphere and everything would be completely free for our guests. There would be loads of activities for the kids and delicious food and bevies for the adults. I would use a service that everyone could call to make all their travel arrangements so that everyone would arrive comfortably, conveniently and in STYLE. Doesn't that sound fantastic? Be sure to stay in my Friends and Family circle, you never know when millions and millions of dollars will land in my lap.

After playing that game for awhile, tossing and turning, listening to Skyler call out in a dream, settling her back down, and tossing and turning some more, I finally fell asleep to have really weird unsettling dreams. You know the one where you're back working for your worst boss ever? And you're late for work? Yeah that was mine. I walked back into the office and immediately felt that awful feeling of hatred I had for that particular person. I immediately decided that I wanted to quit again but he wouldn't get off the phone so I could tell him. I decided that I couldn't spend another minute there so I was going to write a letter resigning (after being there like 5 minutes) and I was mortified because I couldn't get on a computer to type it so I had to write it on yellow lined paper with a pencil. It was really really awful. THEN or maybe before that I dreamed that I was married to someone else, but I couldn't stand him (think the dude in Jack Ass or someone equally juvenile and obnoxious) and I wanted to be married to Matt. Matt and I were discussing how to make that happen and one of the biggest concerns was that this other guy made really awesome real iced tea (for some reason the key to this was lime not lemon, am I on to something?). WTF? Where does the brain come up with this stuff?

I woke up exhausted and really confused. Note to self: "just take the damn ambien!"


  1. i was up most the night as well. but when i finally feel asleep i had nothing like that. wow!

  2. I imagine that I won one of those $5000 gift cards to Target. I imagining walking up and down each aisle---what would I buy?

  3. The thought of not being able to sleep gives me the shivers. I'd go apeshit without 9 hours a night. Sorry you go through that but the next time you're laying awake think of boy and girl names for this baby. Can't think of a damn one.

  4. The first of the week I was like that too. Worried about my mom and relative in Louisiana with Gustav, last night I crashed. I don't do well without sleep I get grumpy..LOL


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