Monday, October 06, 2008

Beautiful weekend...

What a beautiful weekend! Friday was gorgeous so I finally got to take the kids to one of Matt's softball games. They ran around the softball field chasing balls that were hit out and generally running out their pent up Friday afternoon energy. Matt pitches and the kids thought that was pretty cool. We left before the end of the game because, as usual, Skyler had to go to the bathroom and this particular field wasn't going to accommodate that situation. She was also obviously tired because she cried all the way home that she wanted her Daaaaaaddddy! Uh, you're five kid, and you were the one that wanted to leave, what's with the crying? She got over it as soon as we got something to eat. She was asleep on the couch shortly after that. This little girl turns into a pumpkin promptly at 9:00.

Saturday was set to be crazy no matter what. We had soccer game, soccer pictures, soccer pictures, soccer game. We threw lunch in there somewhere too. The soccer pictures were a bit ridiculous as they don't allow the kids to wear their cleats in the location where they take pictures. There were lots of kids running around in crocs or sock feet. Matt said that the photographers took it a bit too seriously for his group of five year olds, so I'm hoping the pics come out nice. Despite beautiful weather and my smarty mcsmart use of an umbrella to block the sun, I still got a crushing migraine after Zack's game. I'm beginning to wonder if I have an allergy to something in that particular field. I was knocked out for most of the rest of that day, if you count lying down at 6:00pm to close my eyes and waking up at 1am most of the rest that is.

Sunday was a quiet day. The kids played with their friends. Matt and I caught up on a Tivo backlog and football games. Zack got grounded for wandering too far to hear the Daddy whistle. He was more than a little upset but we were really scared. We both had stories to tell from the one time we each did it as a kid. We assured him it rarely happens again. RIGHT?

SUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK. I have to thank Christina for mentioning yet another place that will suck my time right up. I think most people have heard of Twitter and now there is TwitterMoms to go with it. I'm just getting my toesies wet but it's another great place to meet people and trade blogs and online stores etc and so on.

Political links of the day:
I didn't pay much attention to politics this weekend. I heard that the Saturday Night Live skits were hilarious. I didn't see them because I was passed out but I'm sure I'll catch them online.

Let's see if I can find some interesting articles:

From the Wall Street Journal, McCain plans cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.

I'm not sure how many people are aware of what's called the Keating 5 Scandal and John McCain's involvement in it. This website has some interesting reading. I know it's a wiki page, but the facts are there.

And third, I've got an absolute LAST CALL to anyone who still hasn't registered to vote. Your form must be post marked today. Please click through to Rock the Vote for exact instructions for your state.

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