Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I picked the kiddos up from school yesterday and took them to the library. It's fun now that they're a little older. There are chairs at the center of the children's book shelves so I parked myself there and let them attack the shelves in search of whatever pleased them. The funny thing is, they're really really picky when it comes to choosing books at the library. They hem, they haw, they put books back. I've never really limited them as to what they can check out. Me? I have 20 books out right now and will read just about anything. If I hear someone talk about a book, I put it on my reserve list, so their indecisiveness is interesting to watch. I just encourage them to take ANY book that looks interesting but no, it's got to be just perfect. Yesterday Skyler was on the theme of Halloween which I'm sure every other kid in our neighborhood is as well so there weren't many Halloween books to be had. We managed to pull a few from the stacks. Zack insists on chapter books and usually starts with something that has a scary cover, holds it awhile, and then realizes that he'll have nightmares and puts it back. We had fun and I'm thrilled that they love the library.

I read two stories to them at bedtime while Zack pretended not to listen because he was angry that he had to go to bed. At 8:00. His bedtime. For his entire life. I know it was a huge surprise out of left field and all, and I tried to be understanding, but sometimes you just have to go with ignore ignore ignore. As much as he protested, I could see that he was listening and he later inched a bit closer.

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