Thursday, October 09, 2008

Daily details...

I had an appointment that ran long yesterday so I didn't get home until 6:30. When I walked in the door Matt and the kids were sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner, happily chatting away. Both kids had their homework already done. Super Dad was on duty. It cracks me up when I've been away from these three. When I walk through the door, all three of them start talking to me with absolutely no regard for the fact that the other two are talking at all. They don't even hear each other. Somehow I am able to hear them all but am not able to respond to any. As long as I nod and smile in the general direction that the three of them are sitting, they're happy. Eventually I have to knock it down to one at a time if they want any input from me. Skyler is usually understanding. My boys glare at each other, competition for my attention in their eyes. Oedipus and Laius. Eventually they all get a piece of me and are happy again. I enjoy coming home to them and love hearing about what they do together, the three of them, when I'm not there.

Zack has had a great week at school. We've worked with his teachers to motivate him. We're working at home to get him to take more responsibility on his own and not to enable him by holding his hand through his homework which was making it hard at school where there isn't anyone to hold his hand. If he helps Matt out in the yard this afternoon, he'll be off his punishment one day early. I think he's hoping for rain.

The kids have their school pictures tomorrow. I have to take a close look at what I put Zack in last fall. Last spring I accidentally sent him in the same shirt that he was wearing for his fall pics. Ooops. I also have to talk Skyler into wearing a dress and doing her hair in the morning. That should be fun! Wish me luck!

Oh and I know I haven't posted pics of the kids lately. I accidentally stuck a battery that doesn't go in my camera in my camera. I haven't tried TOO hard to get it out, but right now, it's stuck in there. DAYS have gone by without picture proof for the grandparents that the kids are alive and well.

How about this? Zack drew this picture for me last night. I'm going to take the little people at the bottom (us) and make a necklace pendant out of it.

I asked him if he thought we walked on water (LOL) but he said "no, I just wanted the grass to be blue". ;-)


  1. what a sweet picture. HORAAY for super Dad's

  2. Can I tell you, I can't WAIT until Bean is old enough to start drawing me pictures. It's one of the things that is going to get me through missing Baby Bean. (And how CRAZY am I to be talking about this when she's only 7 months old???)

    ANYWAY. I loved the little glimpse into Life With Family. I think mothers have extra special hearing to be able to process three people talking at once!


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