Friday, October 31, 2008

Kooky Thursday...

Yesterday afternoon was just kooky. It was one of those days where weird things just kept happening one right after another.

We were in a rush for soccer practice because that's how Thursdays go. Zack's practice was canceled because his coach lives down near where the Obama Rally was happening and said that traffic was ridiculous. Matt decided to keep Skyler's practice as scheduled as the traffic wasn't too bad where we were.

* Zack's aftercare program called and said that he wasn't feeling well could we come get him.

* We ended up running late because Matt was lending an ear to a friend who is going through some emotional medical stuff.

* When I got there to pick up Zack he had fallen asleep sitting at a table. I COULDN'T wake him up. I lifted up his torso and shook him and he was spaghetti. He was breathing but not waking up. He's done this before. I got a bit nervous after a few minutes so I sent Zack's friend outside to get Matt because I can't carry the big boy. A minute or so later, I was able to shake him/pat him awake. Matt came in all nervous and carried him out. Once he woke up fully he was fine for the rest of the night. He NEVER sleeps this hard. You can wake him up in the middle of the night if you need to. WEIRD.

* I was sitting in the car with Zack and look up and one of the kids is bleeding profusely from the nose. Matt had picked him up after he collided with another kid and was covered. The group of parents got them both cleaned up.

* I went to take Skyler to the bathroom and when I got back one of the siblings of Skyler's teammate had locked herself in the car, she's 15 months or so old. Some of us stood outside the car entertaining her like monkeys while Mom got a ride home for the spare key. She TOTALLY didn't care that she was locked in the car and made good use of the time exploring everything while I tried to talk her out of climbing in the back-back. Mom couldn't find a spare and eventually talked her into the front seat to play with the door lock buttons again. This was just as one Dad was calling AAA and I had pulled out my phone to call the police. This little tot is going to give her parents a run for it - she's got a sparkle in her eye!

At this point Matt and I were exhausted and just hoping that nothing else would happen. Everyone was fine, but you just kept expecting another little emotional jolt.

I'm hoping that today is uneventful!

Happy Halloween!

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