Monday, October 27, 2008

Obligatory Weekend Wrap-up post...

We had a very busy weekend and everyone had something that they would call fun! Friday evening we went as a family to the kids' school for their Fall Festival. They got to have their faces painted and play games for candy. We enjoyed seeing all the kids in costumes and talking to parents and teachers.

Saturday was soccer as usual. It was warm but there were a few sprinkles. Zack proclaimed early that he hoped for a down pour as the last time he played in the rain was "the best day of my life". It doesn't take much huh? Matt and I were impressed as we watched him this week. It was as though he had just woken up for the first time since September. Prior to this weekend he's had a lot of pain in his heels. This week the pain seemed to have left and he was on fire on the soccer field. He was pretty proud of himself and got at least two goals (I'm bad with the details).

Once Zack gets moving, there's not much stopping him. This player got in front of him and they both ended up on the ground. Everyone was okay.

OH speaking of soccer. The kids' play for different age groups and have their games at different locations. The field where Zack plays has the distinct odor of onions. Onions you say? Yes onions. It's the most bizarre thing but the field is covered in thousands of sprouts of what look like scallions I guess. It's overwhelming and nauseating. I think I'm actually allergic to them as I always leave there with a headache. All the parents talk about it every Saturday. I've never noticed anything like it so I thought I'd share.

Saturday evening Matt and I went to dinner and a movie with dear friends Mike and Amy. We had a great time celebrating Mike's birthday as usual. There were lots of laughs, several bottles of sake emptied, and full bellies of sushi.

Sunday morning Zack and I had a date to see High School Musical 3. He was SO excited to see this movie. Note to other parents, Sunday morning is the perfect time to see a movie. It's fairly quiet and costs about half as much as a regular show. Zack had a grin from ear to ear as we watched. Part way through the movie the projector started having trouble. It took them about ten minutes to fix it which worked for the several groups who had kids that needed to go to the bathroom. On the way out they gave each of us an additional pass to see another show. For the record, that's TWO movies in one weekend and possibly another before the end of 2008. I certainly haven't seen that many movies in YEARS! Directly from the movies I had to run and pick up Skyler at a birthday party so that Matt and Zack could go wrastle with alligators. Skyler and I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to find pants that would fit Zack. Despite my frequent pleas, the kid will just not stop growing. We weren't real lucky until we hit Old Navy which I had meant to stop at last week. Oh well. We spent the rest of the afternoon snuggling and watching movies. It was a nice weekend. Both kids were asleep right when their pretty little heads hit their pillows!

I'm having trouble adding pictures. I'll post pictures from the weekend later!

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