Thursday, October 02, 2008


Sorry I've been totally MIA for a couple of days. I just wasn't feeling it.

I never gushed about how much fun I had with my Mommy friends this weekend either. There was a good size group of us meeting up in Philly this weekend. Originally I wasn't going to go because I had no intentions of driving six hours by myself. Then I realized that four of the other Mommies live in Maryland so I worked it out so I could meet up with them (which is a four hour, much more reasonable drive) and then drive the rest of the way in their car. I had a nice drive through Virginia until it started raining and then as soon as I got into Maryland I hit traffic. I was fine though. It's amazing how much nicer a long drive is when you can hear yourself think. I can't remember the last time I drove for more than thirty minutes without a kid in the car.

There were pretty fields:

And weird looking factories that had candy cane smoke spitter outers:

Eventually I met up with my friends and after a delicious lunch we set out for Philly. See how happy I am that someone else is driving:

Because this is what we drove through:

Eventually we all met up at the Amish Market in downtown Philadelphia. We had a great time going from booth to booth checking out their yummies. I wish we had somewhere like this to shop regularly. They had a meat market and a veggie market and seafood and pastries and bread and on and on. Oh and if you're going to one of these places, the best time to go is an hour before closing. They don't want to bring it all home with them so everything goes on super sale. We had a great time!

After all that fun we were actually hungry. We went across the street to a sports bar that could seat us all.

We had a great dinner, stuffing ourselves. I had a philly cheese steak minus the cheese. I almost got kicked out. ;-) Then we walked through town which reminded me a bit of Boston and ended up at a gilato place. We weren't hungry but couldn't resist.

I spent the night with my friend Shelli and her kind family then we all went to breakfast with the whole Maryland crew so I got to meet all the kiddies too. It was a great end to a fun weekend. My drive home was blah with the exception of one bridge I drove over that had me a bit nervous. Then I noticed that they were doing construction on the underside of the opposite bridge. They actually had a porta-potty strapped to the side of the bridge. I'll show you about where:

Almost home:

That was my weekend in a nutshell. I had a blast and can't wait until all the girls come visit us!

Political Link of the Day:
As I mentioned before, I know that a lot of people are concerned about what's going to happen to their taxes when we have a new president. The link below will take you to a website that will let you enter your last year's numbers and show you what they would be under either Obama's or McCain's plan so that you can compare.

Election Taxes Comparison

Enjoy your Thursday!


  1. Sounds like a great time. Glad you had fun

  2. You were at Reading Terminal Market in Philly? You could have had my favorite sandwich in the world which is the Italian style pork sandwich from DiNics. FYI, I found your blog through Gwen's blog.


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