Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Progress Reports...

I had almost forgotten that Progress Reports were due out this week. I was going through Zack's homework and came upon the envelope. He's doing fantastic in everything but... reading. The one thing he's a whiz at at home. I read the teacher's notes, the Gifted Resources Specialist's notes, and reviewed the classwork that was sent home as an example. I think the boy is easily distracted and lacks motivation. We reviewed the last few assignments and he knew the answers. Matt and I discussed and came up with some motivation in the form of a reward for pulling his reading mark up. He was bright eyed with inspiration. We discussed what was holding him back in class. He said that the "other kids" in his reading group are always goofing a round. Riiiight. THEY'RE goofing around while you're diligently trying to read. Somehow I doubt that. He also said that he's having trouble seeing the board. While this is a distinct possibility given that Matt and I each come from entire families of eyeglass wearers, when asked when this began, his response was "yesterday". Yesterday in this particular conversation was Sunday and I doubt that he spontaneously began loosing vision while playing outside with his buddies. We are going to have his eyes checked, in the meantime, we dangled a carrot in front of him.

After writing all that I realized that I made a huge parenting-the-second-child mistake. I never even looked at Skyler's progress report. Mom of the Day Award goes to me! I spent so much time working on Zachary's problem that I didn't even look for hers. In my defense, I'm just not used to her being in school. Yeah, let's not tell her about this when she's fifteen and hates me anyway. I'm going to be all over her tonight! I promise! Thank goodness I don't have more children, I might forget to send them to school at all!

All of this resulted in a really nice night of reading for the kids and me. I read them a story while we ate dinner then I asked them quiz questions. In exchange for a correct answer they got Dibs. Skyler got Kindergarten geared questions and Zack got reading comprehension questions just like they're working on in class. They thought this was the GREATEST GAME EVAH! Then we each chose a story and Zack read mine and his and I read Skyler's. They're both excited to do it again tonight. I told them we'd stop by the library and pick up some more books. They get a kick out of that and I so enjoy saying "Use your library voice" over and over and over and over...

Political Links of the day:

{BIG SIGH} I didn't even watch the news yesterday. I'm really not liking the nasty turn the campaigns are taking. I hate watching them bash each other and would rather not listen. I don't think any of that is going to make up any minds. Instead I just go to my happy place:

Obama 349 McCain 174 Ties 15

I'll post again if something interesting pops up.

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