Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Fun...

I FINALLY managed to bring a camera somewhere with me. The family went to a pumpkin patch this weekend and had so much fun! I'll just get right to the pics:

Can we bring this one home?

Going on a hayride.

The family Skyler wishes she had (Mike Amy & Nate).

My clone.

Family photo via Daddy's freakishly long arms.

Pumpkin Drum

What pumpkin patch would be complete without a giant hill of mulch?

Or a peacock?

This is a pen of goats. Two of them were rubbing their necks affectionately (?) against each other for a long time. This must have made an impression on Skyler because on Sunday she told my mother that we saw goats "making love". I quickly had to explain to my mom what she meant.

Just for giggles here are some soccer pics from a couple of weeks ago:

Look at those long legs. This was the day that she had me do her hair like Princess Leia. There are about 20 bobby pins on either side of her head.

That was the most exciting part of our weekend short of the story of my next Bad Mommy Award (forgot to take Zack to a birthday party) and my fight with the idiot in "Customer Service" at the ToysRUs website. Ask how many times I said the word "bullshit" to him. There are some days when you really and truly wish that yours is the call that is being monitored for customer satisfaction.

Political Links:

The Electoral Map continues to look pretty. And by pretty I mean blue.

Matt finally read my blog post from last week that had the Sarah Palin song on it and loved it so much that he can't stop singing it which entertains me greatly. The fun part is that they recorded another song that's even funnier. Click through from my last post. I can't update it right this minute but will fix it tonight

A few people have expressed concern about Obama's support of military members. I think there is a mistaken impression that if you don't support the war, that you don't support the military members themselves. For me, a good indicator of supporting the troops is where each candidate stands with Veteran groups. I have heard several stories that most Veteran groups are terribly upset with McCain and went in search of what some non-partisan groups give as a rating for voting records on veteran issues.

Disabled American Veterans
McCain 20%
Obama 80%

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
McCain D
Obama B

Since Matt is a veteran and has veteran benefits this is something that concerns us. For more comparisons such as these for McCain and Obama or any other person running for any US elected office this is a great website Project Vote Smart Link to the McCain portion. Link to the Obama portion.


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