Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Second Presidential Debate...

Are you going to watch the debates tonight? McCain says "the gloves will come off". I'm sure at the very least, it will be interesting. It's getting ugly out there. Everyone is waiting for an October Surprise.

The debate is at 9pm EST. If you can, watch it on CNN. They have a nifty feature where they have a group of undecided voters with a dial of sorts. Then they have a screen that shows how they are rating each person as they are speaking. It's interesting to watch. I wish I could find a screenshot for you but I didn't see one on Cnn.com Oh Google how I love you:

This one shows the audience reaction. The VP debate showed the reaction of a group of Ohio registered Independents. Who knows what they'll show tonight.

I'm off to take the rug rats to the library! Enjoy!

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