Friday, October 03, 2008

Starbucks & Contact Lenses...

I had to run through Target at lunch today. As soon as I walked in the door, the sample-hander-outer from Starbucks attacked me with a little tiny cup of what he called Caramel Salt Hot Cocoa. SALT? Who would put salt in hot cocoa? I decided that I must have heard him wrong; mostly because there was a huge dolup of whipped cream with caramel on top and I wanted to try it. I took a sip and it wasn't until I got a good mouthful of the whipped cream and caramel that I realized that there was a bit of rocky salt on there. Really. Salt. I have to say that it was different but yummy. I'm not sure how they'll sell though because the tiny bathroom dixie cup size was the perfect serving. That was all I needed. How does that translate into vente, grande, etc? What's the word for bathroom dixie cup in Italian?

The REASON I initially decided to run to Target was because my contact lenses have been misbehaving (naughty little lenses) at work this week. I keep forgetting to bring in saline solution so I was going to get a bottle. As soon as I got there, I completely forgot about it because my contact started behaving itself. It wasn't until I stepped foot in the door to my office after lunch that the little fucker in my left eye went all blurry again. How do they know? These are new lenses, they should behave for another two weeks at least. It was really bugging me so I had to do that trick that is going to make everyone get the heebie jeebies. See, using water on contacts just doesn't work. It's somehow too dry or tacky or something. What you have to do is pull out the contact, put it in your hand with a drop of water and a drop of spit. Spit is a bit slimy like saline solution. I know I know. It's disgusting. I'm going to get an eye infection and lose an eyeball. Trust me I know it sounds gross, but it works usually... just not today. I am still cursing the left one while it blurs and scratches at my eye. WHAH!

Tomorrow is a busy day. We've got two soccer games and pictures for both soccer teams. The kids have a birthday party and Matt and I have a cook out to go to. We are jam packing this Saturday with enough to make me need a loooooong nap on Sunday. It's been weeks since I've taken a yummy delicious nap.

Political links of the day:

First, I just want to remind everyone that Monday is the last day that you can register to vote. Rock The Vote is probably the best website out there to guide you through it.

Second, I'd like to encourage you to keep an eye on this blog, Mudflats, between now and October 10th when the Sarah Palin/Troopergate investigative report is scheduled to be released. I have a feeling it will be interesting!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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