Friday, October 24, 2008

A very busy weekend...

Skyler's social calendar is very heavy beginning yesterday and on through Sunday. Yesterday she had her class field trip (pictures to follow) and soccer practice. Today she has her class fall party this morning. She is seeing High School Musical with her friend this afternoon. She has the school's Fall Festival this evening. We have soccer tomorrow morning and afternoon. She is missing a birthday party that I am not telling her about and Sunday she has a birthday party. At some point this weekend I will need to take Zack to see High School Musical or he just won't be able to show his face in school on Monday. {eye roll} Sunday afternoon Matt and Zack are alligator wrestling again. SO, i'll be busy busy playing taxi driver. I'm hoping to get some good pictures too.

Political link:

There is so much to comment on in politics but the thing that made the biggest impression on me today was this video. I laughed HARD. You'll have to click because I can't embed it for some reason.

ABC News Link

Remind you of anyone?

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