Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another form of children torturing their parents...

This is the time of year when the kids and I torture each other with the task that is Holiday Card Picture taking. For example:

Me: Zack, put your hands on your sister's shoulders
Zack: NO, I don't want to touch her
Me: She's not POISONOUS you can put more than just your fingers on her.
Zack: It's GROSS.

This particular session didn't provide a picture that I'm happy with which means the torture continues. I guess Ashley will get hers out first again this year (HI ASHLEY!)


  1. Mine are already printed and waiting! I will wait until December to send them, I promise. It's not that I'm uber efficient - it's just that when that ONE picture comes back and it's good, I sit on it! I also took advantage of some deals and got the cards cheap by doing them early. Next year I'll have THREE children plus Chris to try and look decent, all at the same time. This may be my last year of having cards out on time...

  2. i loooove the fingers on her shoulders!!! you should use it just because it's so funny!!!

  3. I agree with Stacie D. You should use it! It will be a funny memory for years if not forever.

  4. I'm with Gwen and Stacie D. You can always bring that picture out when they start dating. LOL


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